Two teams have been relegated between the contest, the first 24 minutes, Roberto - Torres on the right corner of the ball pass, Kede Luo hit the door by the opponent Wei Long million block, the home team defender Mondragon front door , 1-0. The first 41 minutes, Manchester United veteran Andreas - Pereira took the right free kick pass Jose Rosario Jersey, Super by Adrian - Ramos restricted area header header tied the score, 1-1. The first 75 minutes, Roberto - Torres on the right corner of the pass, Wu Yadinuo Weiqi hit the door goalkeeper Ochoa closed, the home team center Cody Luo near the break Anthony Rizzo Jersey, 2-1. Osasuna won nearly six rounds of the first win, Granada suffered a seven-game losing streak fell to the top position John Lackey Jersey. Mascaro said: "If the Barcelona finally lost the league, not because Sevilla failed to win in the Bernabeu, the title is not the last few weeks of Barcelona ruined, nor Real Madrid recently winning streak, but before in La Coruna Asia and Malaga when Barcelona made the mistake, those who led the team to pay the price of the winner Kris Bryant Jersey. Barcelona rounds do well, lost Sergei - Roberto, Pique and Javier Mascherano play well, But also Real Madrid did not cost a lot of twists and turns on the 2-ball lead, Sevilla did not create surprises in the Bernabeu, Sang Pauli's team recently lived in the shadow of the Champions League was eliminated. Navas has become the hero of Real Madrid, the Champions League Real Madrid into the final, the league he and the Bernabeu's post, with Real Madrid to repel the enemy Sevilla, master the initiative to win. Can be so weak defense of the Real Madrid, the Champions League final against the Champions League first strong wall Juwen, days fear not too good.