Ma Jing rescue the corner of the ball not far, the home team star Chevalliles arc top direct long-range Andre Dawson Jersey, O'Brik flapping after the ball is still refracted into the net, 1-0. 66 minutes, the visiting team free kick caused in front of melee, Saul header ferry, Savage in front of outflanking shot tied the score, 1-1. Betis ending three-game losing streak, Atletico ending two straight, still locked in the league in advance third, reached the Champions League group next season Jon Lester Jersey. I believe that Real Madrid will slip in Serta and Malaga? It seems unlikely that we have had a super miracle experience this season (the Champions League reversal of Paris) Pedro Strop Jersey, it is true, but Zinedine Zidane's team is very stable and is a step closer to the doubles, which of course makes the Barcelona people Hurt, just think I will be nausea. But now we can only pray that hope that the impossible thing will happen again, the La Liga champions are getting white, but I insist that everything is due to Barcelona's own mistakes. 4-1 victory after the round, the Real Madrid League goal has reached 100 goals, Barcelona and Monaco, the five league third league goal break 100 team. Real Madrid has also been eight consecutive years, the league goals up to three digits Mike Montgomery Jersey. However, the most impressive impression of the campaign, in addition to scored twice the C Luo, it is a high resistance to continue to rescue the relief of Navas, and two blocked Sevilla break the door.