In the final round of the La Liga tournament this weekend, Barcelona will sit at the Nou Camp Stadium against Eval Kyle Schwarber Jersey, where Sergei-Roberto's suspension will expire and he will be able to represent Ticon missed the last round of the reasons for the league, he was admitted to hospital for treatment of infection, it now appears that the Spanish international defender also hope to be in the last round of the Spanish game before the start of a complete recovery The Real Madrid beat Sevilla battle Koji Uehara Jersey, but also home this season, farewell war, J Luo was replaced, the audience fans to applaud, J Luo also applause to the fans thanks. Western media after the game that J Luo seems to bid farewell to the Bernabeu, it is likely to be his Real Madrid career last battle. In this season's Premier League, Kutiniao's play is very good, scored 12 goals, dedicated 7 assists, is Liverpool's thigh, but the Brazilian future and Barcelona linked together. "Liverpool echo" message Kosuke Fukudome Jersey, in an interview, Kutiniao good Barcelona, ??appreciation of the universe is one of the world's best clubs Eddie Butler Jersey, he also did not deny the possibility of leaving Liverpool.